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To place orders, login to your wholesale account via theálink at the top of this page. áWe'veámigrated over all customer accountsáfrom our former wholesale site www.luminence.us, soáyou can useáyour same email/password.

f you don't yet have a wholesale account with us, then click here to request one. áWriteá"wholesale" in the comments box, and if reselling our products online, then provide your website url,áAmazon/eBay seller name(s), etc. á

Luminence's primary business is wholesale. áWe maintain a retail website primarily to try out new products, and to get consumer feedback/reviews, but we keep our own retail prices slightly higher than market prices, so as not to undercut our resellers.

See additional wholesale details below. áPrivate labeling is available for some of our products; please contact us.

Wholesale Details:á

áá•á$95 minimum order
áá•á$10 flat rate shipping option ($2.50 flat rate is for retail orders via First Class Mail)
á • Most wholesale products are sold by the dozen, but some are sold individually
áá• Once registered, we will send you theáwholesale price list.
•áUnique UPC codes -áWe now offer a subset of our most popular products with unique
áá áUPC codes by color; contact us for details. áá

áá• Wholesale prices are typically 60-70% less than retail prices
áá• California customers with a valid resale permit, please fill out the CA Resale Certificate;
á á return it to us via email, fax or mail, and we will waive CA sales tax.

Affiliate Program:
áá•á10% commission for all completed sales!
•áNew affiliates join the program by clicking here.
áá•áExisting affiliates login to your account by clicking here.
Dropship Program:
áá• Try out reselling Luminence products before committing to wholesale purchases.
ááBlind dropship orders typically ship within 0-1 business days.
• Flat rate $2.50áFirst Class Mail shipping;áWorldwide shipping also (USPS).
•áLow product/fullfilment prices; achieve 50% margins (but wholesaleáprices above are always lower).
•áNo minimum orders.á
•áCertified supplier by Worldwide Brands and Salehoo
•áClick hereáto download the Dropship Program guide (pdf).
á ááClick here to register for Luminence's Dropship program, and to receive Program details & pricing.á Write"dropship" in the comments box.á Also provide a link to the site(s) where you plan to resell our products (i.e. your website url, Amazon/eBay seller name, etc).áá

á á While you can register for botháDropship and Wholesale accounts with us, each account is separate and must have it's own unique email address.

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