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Glowby Bandz B

Ultra-Bright LED Strips
Black strip background

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New Glowby Bandz - black strip background

Light yourself up with incredibly-bright and versatile Glowby Bandz light strips - 30x brighter than Glowybs Hair Lights!  Wear the black, flexible strip as a headband, wristband, necklace, or anklet - you can wrap them almost anywhere!  While ideal for any dusk/nighttime event, G-Bandz are so amazingly bright that they can even be worn in daytime.  

Wrap Glowby Bandz once around your head or neck, 3 times around your wrist, or twice around your ankle - then easily attach the two ends via the velcro fastener.  The G-Bandz length/circumference is adjustable from 16" to 24", so they fit most anyone.  And the strip can be cut permanently shorter, if so desired.  And there are also dozens of other uses for G-Bandz  - use your imagination!

Easily turn on/off via the push-button switch.  The small 23A battery is included; lifetime is typically 5-10 hours. The battery will recover somewhat with rest, so it may last longer if used for shorter periods, rather than +5 hours at a time. The battery is easily replaceable in seconds; just slide the battery sleeve down, replace the battery, and slide the sleeve back up.  

While Glowby Bandz are water-resistant, completely submerging them for extended periods of time is not recommended.  Also, not recommended to wear for extended periods of time if you are soaked in perspiration.  

Special colors like Pink are more expensive to manufacture, and therefore cost more than standard colors. 

Compared to other G-Bandz colors, Red stays superbright for a shorter time (3-6 hours), so an extra 23A battery is included in each Red package at no charge. 

G-Bandz with black strip background appear slightly less bright than the white strip version, due to reflection off the white surface - but the black version is still very bright.

G-Bandz are designed to be wrapped around a solid support (arm, head, leg, post, etc); twirling them loosely around while holding the battery compartment will eventually break the connecting wires.

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