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G-Bandz Batteries
5-pk extra G-Bandz batteries
Keep your Glowby Bandz or Collar Bandz bright with extra batteries - easily replaceable, it takes only seconds! Just slide the battery sleeve down, replace the battery, and slide the battery sleeve back up.  

The battery is type 23A, 12V alkaline battery with 5 per pack.  Battery lifetime is 5-10 hours; G-Bandz gradually get dimmer over time.  The battery will typically recover somewhat with rest, so it may last longer if used for several shorter periods, rather than +5 hours at a time.  Keep some extra batteries on hand, so you can wear them over and over again!  

Note that many 23A battery brands do not perform optimally for the relatively high discharge rate of G-Bandz. Luminence batteries are tested to provide the best performance over time.  In addition to Tianqiu, the other brands we recommend to provide good performance over time are GP, Eveready and Duracell.

Exp date: 10/2016


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