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Glowbys Batteries

4-pack extra Glowbys batteries

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Keep your Glowbys bright with extra batteries. Now sold in an even-numbered 4-pack, as 2 batteries are required for each Glowby (4 x CR1220 batteries per pack). 

Battery lifetime is +10 hours with the Glowbys on; they gradually get dimmer over time.  Keep some extra batteries on hand, and you can wear them over and over again!  All Glowbys versions  use the CR1220 batteries.

Note that not all CR1220 batteries (even some of the more expensive brands) perform optimally for the relatively high discharge rate of Glowbys. Luminence CR1220 batteries provide the best performance in Glowbys (brightness, lifetime) of all the battery brands that we've tested. 

CR1220 batteries are available at many drug stores, but are usually outrageously priced at $3.00 per battery or more.

Due to new transport restrictions, we no longer ship extra batteries internationally.  CR1220 batteries are typically available on eBay in most countries at very reasonable prices.


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