Fiber Optic Bottle Lights!

Light up any party or nighttime event with Bottlebeams fiber optic bottle lights!  Attaches to nearly any bottle - wine, champagne, liquor, soda and more.  Bottlebeams can be attached before or after opening the bottle - even while pouring! 

Bottlebeams attach around the outside of the bottleneck and do not come in contact with the liquid contents.  Just pull the elastic over the bottleneck while rotating the fibers upright.  The elastic is optimized for the most common bottleneck diameter of 1.2", but will fit almost any bottle size.


White - Bright white
Rainbow - Slowly cycles through all the colors of the spectrum

The Bottlebeam fibers come in the spread pattern shown, and you can play with the fibers to increase or decrease the spread width.  The fiber lengths are 10" long, but can easily be cut shorter with scissors.  Turns on/off via a switch; the lights last +10 hours. The 3 AG13 battteries are replaceable. 

Bottlebeams can also be inserted into flower arrangements.  The casing is water-resistant, so it's no problem to pour water over them - although completely submersing Bottlebeams is not recommended. 


US Patent D679,428

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Extra batteries - Keep your Bottlebeams bright with extra, replaceable batteries.  Each Bottlebeam uses 3 x AG13 batteries.

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