One night at a concert, a friend saw a woman wearing a full set of Christmas tree lights wrapped around her. It looked cool, but was big and cumbersome. She said: "if you could make something much smaller, and put it in your hair, that would be really cool". A few prototypes later, Glowbys fiberoptic hair lights were born!

Now, Luminence develops all kinds of fun fiberoptic/LED light-up accessories, including our new G-Bandz super-bright light strips

Luminence products have been offered at major retail chains like Walgreens, Claires, Hot Topic and Justice Stores.

Luminence has been in business since 2005 and is?located in La Jolla CA, near San Diego. We do not have a walk-in store, but local orders only take 1 business day delivery time. We ship worldwide.


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